Many accidents are caused by operational errors when using forklifts. Therefore, a training course is therefore an essential tool in accident prevention.

  • Reduces the number of work-related accidents
  • Fulfils a duty of care
  • Makes operations quicker and working conditions safer
  • Reduces the number of breakdowns caused by an incorrect operation of the equipment
  • The Forklift Operator Licence confirms that the operator has received training on how to operate forklifts. This certificate is an increasingly important factor for companies in securing more business.
  • Testing and certification increase safety

We offer certified training courses on operating and handling forklifts, according to the UNE-54851 standard.

  • The course includes theory and practical training on equipment, covering machine handling and preventive maintenance.
  • A certificate of competence is issued in licence and diploma format.
  • Certification is valid for work throughout the European Union.
  • Complies with legislation in force.