Stay safe by familiarising yourself with the risks. Almost 80% of accidents involving lifting platform operators are caused by the incorrect use of the equipment. Therefore, a training course is the key to accident prevention.

  • Reduces the number of work-related accidents
  • Fulfils a duty of care
  • Makes operations quicker and working conditions safer
  • Reduces the number of breakdowns caused by an incorrect operation of the equipment
  • The Platform Operator Licence confirms that the operator has received training on how to operate the working platform. This certificate is an increasingly important factor for companies in securing more business.
  • Testing and certification increase safety

We offer certified training courses on operating and handling lifting platforms, according to the UNE-58925 Standard and AENOR Operator Training Certification on Mobile Personnel Lifting Equipment (PEMP).

  • The course includes theory and practical training on equipment, covering machine handling and preventive maintenance.
  • A certificate of competence is issued in licence and diploma format.
  • Certification is valid for work throughout the European Union.
  • Complies with legislation in force.