Aluminum scaffoldings

mateco offers its service of rental of aluminum scaffolding for work in high areas that require great stabilization. Whether in all types of works, construction or infrastructure works, mateco is the aluminum scaffolding rental company you need to carry out actions with maximum safety.

Take advantage of our services for the rental of scaffolding at competitive prices, if you need to perform work at height in a timely or recurring way. It is a resource of great functionality in the renovation of facades, as well as its rehabilitation or painting in an effective and fast way.

Aluminum scaffolding rental for working at maximum height

This mechanism is ideal for ensuring great safety and stability in different types of urban industrial activities, but it also stands out for its functionality. Thanks to the rental of aluminum scaffolding you can reach great heights, ranging from 4 to 8 meters, depending on the model.

From mateco we want you to get enough features for your work, but you should not pay for more than you need. In this sense, the machinery rental wizard will help you select the service that exactly suits your needs: no more, no less!

The features of the aluminum scaffolding for rent

Mateco's aluminum scaffolding rental provides platforms that support up to 250 kg of load, as well as wheels with braking system to ensure movement with maximum safety. The safety clips to secure the platform to the scaffolding or the functionality of the adjustable feet allow a high quality work, always minimizing to the maximum the risks of highly complex tasks.

Simplify your work, save costs and gain in comfort with mateco, your aluminum scaffolding rental company!