Welcome to matecoAcademy!

Operating and maintaining lifting equipment can be dangerous. In fact, almost 80% of accidents that occur when using lifting platforms are due to operational errors. The construction industry is one of the main clients that rent machinery and so, it was the sector with the highest rate of occupational accidents and deaths in Spain in 2019. For that reason, TRAINING is critical to prevent accidents and to guarantee the safety of employees and machine operators.

Bearing this in mind, we have launched a new training programme, certified by AENOR, that focuses on the knowledge and correct operation of lifting machines according to the UNE standard for a complete and safe training, compliant with the laws in force. With the launch of this new service line, we want to contribute and add value for our clients, complementing the renting of lifting machines with the safety for the operators that will operate them.

The courses have been developed around operating the widest possible variety of machine models, because mateco Academy focuses on the operators acquiring a greater confidence and safety. A total of 13 courses are offered, grouped into 5 categories. Lifting platforms, Elevated works, Lifting platforms and elevated works combined, Forklift trucks and pallet jacks and Telescopic handlers, with different levels: beginners, beginners plus and refresher, for a greater learning flexibility. All courses are facilitated by AENOR certified trainers, that deliver training courses structured according to the regulations in place and are fully conversant in leaning methodologies.

In addition to the training service contracted from mateco, we offer free assistance to process the training bonification request through the Social Security.