Truck mounted platforms

The Lifting platforms for trucks are a type of industrial machinery very suitable for work at height. They stand out for their great versatility, as they are frequently used in road maintenance, such as lighting, or in the industrial sector, as well as for carrying out tasks on bridges or other elevated platforms.

The rental of a truck-mounted platform lift from mateco is what you need for work at heights that require great stability. Whether for tasks lasting several hours or requiring stability, the different models will adapt to your occasional or recurring work at height.

Type Working Height Capacity Transport dimensions
maxmax Width Height
SCORPION 1490 14.00 m 225 kg 2.10 m 2.92 m PDF Request
P-150 TL/R 15.30 m 200 kg 2.10 m 2.95 m PDF Request
P-160 TL/R 16.00 m 200 kg 2.90 m 2.60 m PDF Request
SCORPION 1812 SMART 17.68 m 200 kg 2.10 m 2.92 m PDF Request
P-180 TL/R 18.00 m 230 kg 2.60 m 2.95 m PDF Request
PNT 205 N 20.00 m 230 kg 2.52 m 2.80 m PDF Request
GSR E 209 PX 20.00 m 200 kg 2.01 m 2.97 m PDF Request
SNAKE 2010 H PLUS 20.00 m 250 kg 2.10 m 2.40 m PDF Request
SNAKE 2112 21.00 m 200 kg 2.10 m 2.98 m PDF Request
DA 320 20.00 m 225 kg 2.10 m 2.85 m PDF Request
TB270 27.00 m 230 kg 2.11 m 2.95 m PDF Request

Truck-mounted platforms and their advantages

The main advantage of the truck-mounted platforms is its great stability, as well as the great security that it provides. Specifically, Mateco offers you an adapted service in which you can opt for the rental of this machinery 100% adapted to your specific needs.

The height of the mechanisms ranges between 15 and 20 meters high, so you can rent truck-mounted lifting platforms without worrying about their performance at all times. Moreover, you will pay only for those services that are strictly necessary for your demands, thanks to our rental assistant ...we have models adapted to you!

Maximum capacity in truck-mounted platforms

Beyond their great mobility and lifting capacity at height, the truck-mounted platform lifts for rent have the capacity to carry more than 200kg in weight, reaching up to 230kg. At the same time, between 2 and 3 meters in height and width depending on the model.

This is your opportunity to gain in comfort when working with heavy loads and at the same time have a greater cost optimization: check the services offered by mateco!