Electric Forklifts

With mateco's electric forklift rental you can have the necessary industrial machinery to move heavy loads in warehouses, industry or construction in an effective way. These types of forklifts for rent will allow you to have this type of resources if you need them in a punctual or recurrent way.

In addition, we have different models of electric forklifts to suit all types of performances. From platforms that reach more than three meters to a height of more than six meters, forklift rental at a competitive price will adapt to different purposes.

Type Lifting Height Capacity Transport dimensions
maxmax Height Weight
RX20-20P 4.76 m 2.00 t 2.17 m 3700 kg PDF Request
RX20-20P 6.12 m 2.00 t 2.79 m 3790 kg PDF Request
RX60-30 4.40 m 3.00 t 2.13 m 5500 kg PDF Request
RX60-30 6.04 m 3.00 t 2.73 m 5500 kg PDF Request
R60-50 4.00 m 5.00 t 2.80 m 12330 kg PDF Request
ECE-70-6-C 3.40 m 7.00 t 2.80 m 10438 kg PDF Request

Rental of electric forklifts for heavy loads

The forklifts for rent are the system to move heavy loads in a faster and more effective way, without wasting hours and hours in the same process. They support more modest weights, from one and a half tons, up to more than 7,000 kg, so that they adapt to the different tasks to be performed.

<p <p>You will access the rental of electric forklifts that will optimize to a great extent the works of industrial type or with big loads. In addition, in a very sustainable way, because when using electric energy the cost will be much more efficient, as well as respectful with its emissions for the environment.

Lift trucks for rent of maximum confidence

If you need a machinery rental company, mateco is your best choice. With years of experience behind us as Vamasa, and with a fleet of more than 30,000 machines spread throughout Europe, more than 100 delegations support us.

Select the forklift for rent that best suits your needs, tell us your location, and you can access the machinery in an effective, fast and professional way. Rent the machinery in two clicks.