Safety, a daily priority at

Achieving zero accidents is the main objective for mateco and because of this, we are committed to integration in our entire production process and our entire structure, thus promoting an adequate preventive culture at all levels.

One of our added values is our commitment to the health and well-being of our workers, since we consider it to be a priority and one of the basic pillars of our value proposition to the employee. For this reason, we consider that adequate training and skills in health and safety are necessary at all levels of the company.

In order to improve employee awareness and the involvement of all interested parties, we conduct safety talks with all our technicians on a regular basis to convey the importance of health and safety in all operations carried out and especially in the order and cleanliness of workplaces. With the same objective, our drivers will provide information about safety and operation of   all equipment delivered to all our customers.

The importance of health and safety for mateco is such that we are certified according to the UNE 58923 standard, so we guarantee that each machine has:

  • CE certification
  • ANNUAL REVIEW of security systems

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