Platforms for Pruning

Mateco's pruning platform rental will allow you to work with a tool designed for work related to the maintenance of parks and gardens and areas where there are trees and shrubs.

The pruning platforms are designed for pruning and pruning of trees and shrubs.

They have a working height of up to 16 meters and 7 meters of horizontal reach and an automatic leveling system in static and dynamic without stabilizers.

The advantages of renting a pruning platform

The forklift has as its main advantage its self-leveling. In addition, it can overcome a slope of up to 36%.

As for the dimensions for transport, the pruning platform is around 5 meters long and 2 meters wide, as well as 2 meters high, with a weight of 4,900 kg.

Lift rental at a good price and maximum reliability

The great advantage of machinery rental in mateco is the large fleet that will be at your disposal, so that will greatly facilitate the different tools to suit your needs. At the same time, more than 25 years and a fleet of more than 30,000 machines in more than a hundred branches in Europe guarantee us to offer the best service. Check the price for elevator rental!