Single Person Platforms

The rental of single-person aerial lifts is one of the services that will allow you to work at great heights. They have working capacities for a single person, in terms of weight, but they have the great advantage that you can achieve great versatility with mobile elevating platforms for rent.

The working height of this section is well over ten meters, even up to 14 meters. The price of the platform lift rental will depend on the required features. On this same page, you will be able to adapt the height or weight support requirements to your needs to access the rental of lifting platforms without overspending.

Type Working Height Capacity Transport dimensions
maxmax Length Width Height Weight
QUICK UP 9 0 DC 9.50 m 159 kg 1.28 m 0.80 m 1.98 m 402 kg PDF Request
25AMDC 9.67 m 160 kg 1.24 m 0.74 m 1.97 m 395 kg PDF Request
QUICK UP 12 0 DC 12.00 m 136 kg 1.40 m 0.80 m 1.98 m 457 kg PDF Request
41AMDC 14.42 m 135 kg 1.46 m 0.74 m 2.64 m 520 kg PDF Request

Rental of single-person platforms with maximum performance

Beyond the ability to lift up to 14 meters, the one-person platform lifts achieve a capacity of up to 1.4 meters and 75 centimeters and 160 kilograms of weight. The appropriate measures for the transfer of a person and a modest load, with the purpose of working at height.

The height supported in the area of the transport dimension is close to two meters, reaching 2.64 with some models. Select the mobile platform lifts for rent that best suit you!

Select the mobile platform lifts for rent that best suit you!

Customized unipersonal platforms

The great advantage of renting machinery in mateco goes beyond the years of experience with this type of work systems and its huge fleet of machines over 30,000 copies in various parts of Europe.

You can also rent the model you need, without having to pay more for your performance. How? In this page of rental of customized uni-personal platforms you have a selection of measures or other technical information. In the application you will be able to access the exact product you need.