Manual Transpallets

The rental of hand pallet trucks will give you access to a very useful type of machinery for jobs that require the transport of heavy loads. The main advantage of this type of hand tools is their maneuverability in tight spaces, as well as their great functionality over short distances.

With the rental service of a hand pallet truck, you will reduce many costs and unnecessary working hours, while gaining functionality in the different maneuvers. Check the rental price of the hand pallet truck that best suits you!

Type Lifting Height Capacity Transport dimensions Engine
maxmax Length Width
GS BASIC S4 0.06 m 2.2 kg 1.15 m 0.53 m Electric PDF Request

Hand pallet truck rental with 2 tons of load

The great maneuverability of the hand pallet trucks for rent that Mateco offers is never at odds with its load capacity. The ease of movement will be very high, yes, but at the same time our models can support a load of over 2 tons, reaching 2,200kg in its transport area.

At the same time, the dimensions of the loading space are more than 1 meter long, more than half a meter wide and with a height that also exceeds the meter. What are you waiting for to request the rental of a hand pallet truck and gain comfort?

The advantages of renting a hand pallet truck are numerous. But the point on which they stand out is in their ease of maneuverability, in contrast to other types of heavier and more complex systems. Your choice should be based on the type of work (punctual or frequent) that you need to perform with this type of industrial machinery.

At the rental assistant you can count on mateco's advice to select the type of industrial machinery that best suits your needs. 25 years of experience and 30,000 vehicles at your disposal!