Electric Pallet Trucks

The rental of electric pallet trucks is one of the most effective systems to save costs when carrying out industrial, warehouse or construction works, which require moving very heavy loads in an agile, frequent and functional way. By renting an electric pallet truck in mateco you can load up to 2 tons in a single trip.

This system will save you working time and will greatly facilitate the actions of the operators. The reduction of working hours and costs will be directly proportional to the working comfort that will guarantee the rental of electric pallet trucks adapted to your needs.

Type Lifting Height Capacity Transport dimensions Engine
maxmax Length Width
P320/10 0.05 m 2 kg 1.82 m 0.68 m Electric PDF Request

Electric pallet truck rental: A sustainable platform

The power supply system of electric pallet trucks makes them one of the most sustainable systems for lifting goods and other types of loads. But this is far from being at odds with their great functionality when it comes to carrying out the different actions required.

The electric pallet truck is a very sustainable system.

Beyond their load capacity of over 2 tons, they have a transport dimension of over 1.8 meters in length and a width that is close to 70 centimeters. All this makes this type of machinery the best resource for actions in specific circumstances.

Electric pallet trucks for rent adapted to your needs

One of the great advantages of machinery rental in mateco, is that you can request the rental of a pallet truck adapted 100% to your needs, whether you choose an electric or a manual model. The rental assistant will advise you on the basis of the work needs introduced, whether for one-off or frequent actions over time.