Course Application

Lifting platforms and elevated works course

The objective is to provide complete training for workers who, due to their activity, need to use lifting platforms and safety elements for elevated works, such as lifelines or ladders, or to access work carried out at height, according to RD 2177/2004, in addition to improving the performance of companies through more efficient and safe work and avoiding premature deterioration of facilities and machinery due to improper use caused by lack of training.

At the end of the training course, the student will master:

  • Electric or Diesel Scissor Platform from 6 to 10 m and Electric or Diesel Articulated Platform from 11 to 12 m.
  • Correct donning and use of the safety harness
  • Assembly and disassembly of vertical and horizontal temporary lifelines
  • Ascent and descent on deck
  • Safe use of manual ladder work
  • Knot making practice
  • Assembling force triangles and vertical lifelines headers (fortune lifelines)
  • Self-rescue manoeuvring practices

The course, which has the accreditation of the Lifting Platforms part according to the UNE-58923 Standard, is completed with a certificate of aptitude in the form of a license and diploma that confirms the ability to use and operate Lifting Platforms and Elevated works, valid in Spain and the rest of the European Community.

matecoAcademy also offers the possibility of custom designed courses tailored to the needs of each company, supplying machinery, audio-visual aids, and teachers either at our facilities or at the client’s, and with any number of people (always respecting the legal number of people per course). Additionally, the courses can be subsidized through the Tripartite Foundation.