Course Application

Forklift Courses

The Forklift Trucks and Pallet Jacks Courses (Trucks for Beginners, Maintenance for Beginners, Trucks Refresher and Forklifts) are designed to provide adequate training to different profiles of operators: without experience in handling forklifts and/or equipment support or experienced profiles that need to renew their qualification.

Forklift training

All courses have some common objectives to ensure that the operator receives a complete basic training according to the standard UNE 58451-2016: to know the range of handling equipment and to guarantee its safe and efficient operation, including that of loads in the case of forklifts, to prevent in a practical way the most common bad operational habits and mistakes, and to be aware of the intrinsic risks associated with the operation of this machinery if the safety rules are ignored. The students at matecoAcademy will learn to operate the following maintenance equipment:

Beginners Forklift Course (according to standard) = Electric or Diesel Forklift 2,000kg

Beginners Maintenance Course (according to standard) = Electric Pallet jack up to 2,000kg and Electric or Diesel Forklift 2,000kg

Refresher Forklift Course (according to standard) = Electric or Diesel Forklift 2,000kg

Forklift Course = Electric Pallet Jack in addition to Electric Forklift or Diesel Forklift 2,000kg and Reach Truck 1,400kg

Forklift license

The courses, of certified training in the use and operation of Forklift Trucks and Pallet Jacks according to the UNE-58451 Standard are completed with a certificate of aptitude in license and diploma format that confirm the ability to use and operate forklifts, valid in Spain and the rest of the European Community.

matecoAcademy also offers the possibility of custom designed courses tailored to the needs of each company, supplying machinery, audio-visual aids, and teachers either at our facilities or at the client’s, and with any number of people (always respecting the legal number of people per course). Additionally, the courses can be subsidized through the Tripartite Foundation.