Rotational manipulators

The rental of a rotating telehandler is the most suitable tool for working on all types of surfaces. Whether in the construction, agricultural or any other sector, Mateco has a fleet of rotating telescopic handlers adapted to the needs of all types of companies.

You can access the rental of a rotating telehandler from a capacity to operate at 20 meters high, to other models that reach more than 30 meters. You do not need to be an expert in industrial machinery: enter your specific or recurring needs and we will suggest which type of rotating telehandler suits you.

Type Working Height Capacity Transport dimensions
maxmax Length Width Height
ROTO 38.16S 16.00 m 3.80 t 6.24 m 2.95 m 2.40 m PDF Request
MRT 2150 PRIVILEGE 20.60 m 5.00 t 7.98 m 2.43 m 3.11 m PDF Request
ROTO 45.21 MCSS 21.00 m 4.50 t 6.60 m 2.28 m 3.10 m PDF Request
MRT 2540 MS 24.60 m 4.00 t 7.82 m 2.43 m 3.11 m PDF Request

Telehandler rental adapted to you: don't overpay

Would it make sense to pay for a 5 ton capacity when you only need 3.5 tons? Select the telehandler for rent most adapted to you in our rental assistant. The simplest model exceeds 4 tons of load, while most reach 5.

On the other hand, you will have more than 8 meters long, 2.4 meters wide and 3 meters high in the different options of rotating telehandler rental. If you need advice on mateco's industrial machinery rental, don't worry: our experts are here to help you without obligation!

The advantages of rotating telehandlers

The rental of a telehandler unites different capabilities in a single vehicle. Capacity to support large loads, stability and robustness with great versatility and mobility, in these types of handlers, in particular, with slewing capabilities.

These types of tools are among the most complete and complex tools you can find for jobs that require handling large loads at height, so their effectiveness is maximum. They are also very versatile and comfortable tools with ergonomic controls.