Diesel Scissor Platform

At mateco you can access the rental of a diesel scissor lift fully adapted to your capabilities. You will have a large load capacity, which can range from more than half a ton to about a ton and a half, thanks to the diesel scissor platform.

This type of diesel scissor lift is a very useful tool for the transport of heavy loads.

This type of diesel scissor lift will be very useful for jobs from 10 meters to more than 30 meters in the most advanced models. On this page you can find out which model best suits your needs to access the rental of the diesel scissor lift that best suits the work you need to perform.

Type Working Height Capacity Transport dimensions
maxmax Length Width Height
GS-2669 RT 9.70 m 680 kg 4.50 m 1.75 m 2.59 m PDF Request
GS-2669 RT OR 9.70 m 680 kg 4.50 m 1.75 m 2.59 m PDF Request
GS-3369 RT OR 11.75 m 454 kg 2.79 m 1.75 m 2.59 m PDF Request
GS-3268 RT OR 11.80 m 454 kg 4.20 m 1.73 m 2.48 m PDF Request
Compact 12 DX 12.40 m 450 kg 2.65 m 1.80 m 2.55 m PDF Request
GS-4069 RT OR 14.12 m 363 kg 4.50 m 1.75 m 2.74 m PDF Request
GS-4390 RT 15.95 m 6.33 kg 3.98 m 2.29 m 2.93 m PDF Request
H 15 SXNT 15.00 m 500 kg 4.18 m 2.25 m 2.77 m PDF Request
430 LRT 15.11 m 567 kg 3.86 m 2.36 m 2.94 m PDF Request
4394 RT 15.11 m 7.1 kg 3.89 m 2.39 m 2.89 m PDF Request
GS-5390 RT 17.95 m 680 kg 4.88 m 2.29 m 3.15 m PDF Request
H 18 SX 18.00 m 500 kg 4.18 m 2.25 m 2.99 m PDF Request
530 LRT 18.15 m 680 kg 4.88 m 2.31 m 3.12 m PDF Request
B-195DXL25 19.50 m 500 kg 4.84 m 2.44 m 3.65 m PDF Request
S225-24DS 4X 22.30 m 430 kg 4.84 m 2.47 m 3.72 m PDF Request
S275-24DS 27.50 m 700 kg 6.15 m 1.40 m 2.95 m PDF Request
G-320DL30 4WDS/N 33.50 m 1.00 t 7.02 m 2.98 m 3.63 m PDF Request
SL 320-30D 4WD SP 34.00 m 1.40 t 8.40 m 3.00 m 4.60 m PDF Request

What do I need a Diesel Scissor Lift for?

The rental of the diesel scissor lift can work effectively with tasks at height of high complexity in a stable way. If you need to perform industrial or construction work, please contact us for a no-obligation quote.

The diesel scissor lifts have as a great advantage its enormous potential when it comes to achieving a great stability in the work. In the same way that you can perform industrial tasks, you can benefit from the advantages of these types of products in cleaning work, as well as in the assembly of events.

The Diesel Scissor Platforms have a great potential to achieve great stability at work.

A Diesel Scissor Platform adapted to you

The different models of leading brands that we have on this page have different types of lengths and heights in the loading area, so you can rent a diesel scissor lift adapted to your needs. With a length from 2 to more than 8 meters and a width from 1 to 3 meters, ask for a quote adjusted to the maximum.

Enter your details to be able to work at height with maximum safety and effectiveness thanks to the rental of the diesel scissor lift.