Renting lifting platforms in Ciudad Real

Do you need access to renting lifting platforms in Ciudad Real for specialised elevated works? mateco, a company with over 25 years of history and a fleet including over 30,000 machines in 160 local offices distributed in the main cities of 16 European countries, is beside your company to help.

This type of platforms is ideal for works in constructions sites, in public spaces or in warehouses, either for elevated works or to move heavy loads. If you are in the area, renting lifting platforms in Ciudad Real is the resource you need to complete these works. Please contact us with no obligation!

Branch office

Ciudad Real


Calle XIV, 210 (Old Calle Industrial III)
PolĂ­gono Industrial Manzanares
13200 Manzanares
Ciudad Real
926 44 81 61
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Renting lifting platforms in Tomelloso, Puertollano, Villarobledo or Albacete

If you are not located exactly in Ciudad Real, that is not a problem! You still have access to renting lifting platforms from Tomelloso, Puertollano, Villarobledo or other nearby locations. If you are in Albacete, for example, you can also rent forklift trucks or lifting platforms.

Lifting platforms in Ciudad Real with mateco: Benefits

Renting lifting platforms with mateco will get you the highest-quality machines in a more agile and optimum way, and we will also offer you integral advice from the moment when you are choosing the most suitable machine to the technical support.

You will not pay more than you need, and you will not miss on any features, you will get the functionality required for your work. At the same time, if there is any problem or concern, we will solve it in an effective way. Are you ready to optimise your elevated works in Ciudad Real?