Rental of aerial lifts in Lleida

Renting lifting platforms in Lleida, as well as all types of industrial machinery, is the ideal option for work at height or with heavy loads. Whether you need to work on construction sites, in outdoor areas and/or warehouses, this type of machinery is the best way to speed up the work and make it much safer.

mateco, a company with branches in 15 countries, is near you if you are looking for machinery in Lleida. Renting platforms in Alguaire, Tremp, Cervera and other nearby areas is now easier, contact the mateco Lleida branch!

Branch office



Avda. de la Industria, 400
Pol. Ind. del Segre
25191 Lleida
973 419 130
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What are the benefits of renting lifting platforms in Lleida?

In addition to being the most effective tool for working at heights, as well as the safest and most cost-saving for your company, renting aerial work platforms in Lleida with mateco will guarantee you advice so that you are not alone in the whole process of servicing industrial machinery.

A support in choosing the machinery and its subsequent technical service is the way to guarantee that you will not pay more than you really need for your platforms in Tremp or Cervera, as well as that your benefits will not fall short. Get the performance you need, where you need it - don't wait any longer!

Many years of experience in machine renting

When you rely on mateco for renting lifting platformsand/or forklift trucks in Lleida, you benefit from 30 years of experience. With a fleet including over 30,000 machines in 160 local offices distributed in the main cities of Europe, a good service is guaranteed.

You can trust that the industrial machinery renting service in Lleida is safe, fast, agile, and adapted to you.