Renting lifting platforms in Zaragoza

Do you need access to renting lifting platforms in Zaragoza for elevated works in warehouses or in public spaces? Your best option is to trust mateco, that took over from Ciaman in Zaragoza, with a fleet of over 30,000 machines and 25 years of experience to back it up.

The machines you will find in mateco’s website are ideal for works in constructions sites, in public spaces or in warehouses, either for elevated works or to move heavy loads. If you are in the area and wish to rent lifting platforms in Zaragoza, please contact us with no obligation!

The Zaragoza branch is a matecoAcademy center, the training program certified by Bureau Veritas, with focus on the knowledge and correct handling of lifting machines according to UNE standard, for a complete and safe training in compliance with the current law.


Branch office

Zaragoza *


Calle E, Parcela 31
Polígono Industrial Malpica
50016 Zaragoza
976 57 41 76
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Renting lifting platforms with technical support in Zaragoza

If the industrial machines do no work as you expected, or if you need more features, we are experts in the machines you have chosen. If you have any doubts or concerns, we offer you the most agile, fast, efficient, and professional service! We are the best service for renting lifting platforms in Zaragoza!

How do I know what lifting platform I need? mateco does not only provide you with the highest-quality machines in an agile and optimum way, we will also give you advice on renting of lifting platforms in Zaragoza or any other location. Please ask for a quotation without obligation and we will guide you.

Renting lifting platforms in Zaragoza: Benefits

Why renting industrial machinery in Zaragoza? It will be really useful for major works and for logistic activities in warehouses, either due to the heavy weight of the loads or to the complexity of the works. It will give you a great advantage, increasing the effectiveness of your activities, saving on costs and efforts, and, more interestingly, investing in safety. Do not miss this chance!