Renting lifting platforms in Barcelona Norte (Montmeló)

Do you need to rent lifting platforms in Montmeló (Vallés Oriental) for your works with loads or at height? You are fortunate! mateco, a company that specialises in this type of industrial machinery, has a local office in Vallés to facilitate these activities.

If you are not located exactly in Montmeló, but you need access to renting lifting platforms in Parets, Mollet, Granollers, Mataró, Sabadell or any other location, you are also lucky! Please check the nearest location in our local offices map across Spain.

Branch office

Barcelona Norte (Montmeló)


Carrer del Camí Fondo de Can Guitet, Nave 6
08160 Montmeló

935 68 90 15
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Lifting platforms in Montmeló: How will they help me?

Lifting platforms are the best suited tools for works in construction sites, warehouses, or public spaces, which require moving heavy loads or working at great heights. If you are planning on carrying out any works that require renting common lifting platforms in Montmeló or nearby locations, mateco can help you.

But will any lifting platform do the job? The range of industrial machinery available to you is very broad and includes different types of machines: forklift trucks, pallet jacks, articulated or telescopic platforms, among many others. You can find them in the catalogue and there are options to work at different heights.

Machines and advice: Rent platforms in El Vallés

If you have decided to rent lifting platforms in Mollet, Granollers, Sabadell, Mataró, or any other nearby locations… we can help you! Please contact us to get a quote tailored to the work you need to complete with no obligation. Do not overpay and do not sacrifice any functionality!